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How to convert online video to mp3? It's easy with

  • STEP 1: copy video page URL address, use share button to find the option
  • STEP 2: open 2mp3 and insert video link into the field, press download button
  • STEP 3: wait for big green button and click to start video to mp3 converter
  • is free online video to mp3 converter

    Introducing, the website easy to use for online video to mp3 conversion. It works great with 4 major video storing platforms: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Of course Youtube to mp3 converter is the main attraction, but the other 3 are very popular as well, you wouldn't believe how much good music is out there on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And not only music, of course our online mp3 converter can be used for a wide range of purposes including online podcast and lecture download as mp3, educational programs, audio books and all kinds of non-visual media aka sound. If there's sound in video, we can extract it and convert it to mp3. But so far we do it good only with videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the 4 major video players, even that 3 of them are not video sites at all. If you're looking to convert video from some other site to mp3, or just download mp3 from some site, please, let us know, we will work on solution, email is on the bottom.

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    Easy convert Youtube videos to mp3 format and download to your device here on 2mp3, give it a try.

    Instagram to mp3 converter

    Instagram converter can extract audio from IG posts and convert them to mp3 format for download.

    Facebook to mp3 converter

    Facebook videos can be converted to mp3, just copy link, paste into the box and hit download button.

    Twitter to mp3 converter

    Convert Twitter videos to mp3, quick and easy, no special skills required, no signup, unlimited use.

    Download online video to mp4 format

    Yes, you read it correctly. also works as 2mp4.something. We don't need 2 domains for this, so our online mp3 converter is also online video to mp4 converter. Here you can convert online videos from Youtube, Instagram, Twiter and Facebook to mp4 and download file to your device. But that is not all, surprise, can help download videos from 300 different sites and services. That's true, 2mp3 is truly an ultimate online video converter. Download videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Coub, 9gag, Vkontakte, Periscope, Twitch, Aparat, Lynda, Apple, ESPN, Gfycat, Rutube, Yahoo, Reddit, etc, and so on. The list just keeps going and going and there's no end in sight.. And if your website is not supported, feel free to send another email and we will try to help you download videos from your favorite source. Just don't forget to include that source URL in the email.. You woudnt belive... No matter.. Have fun and we're waiting for contacts.

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    Don't forget, always here, always ready to convert online videos to mp3 or help download mp4. And so does our web-app, a copy of this website working as smartphone app or windows program. Just click the button above to install 2mp3 webapp to your apps section (some phones do home screen) or desktop (on computers & laptops). It's truly tiny, needs no space on your device, never asks for updates and works only when you want it to, give it a try, it's free of any contracts or obligations. Delete it, if you don't like it.

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    Try this bookmark aka shortcut for browsers. It will save time in the long run, if you like to visit and use this site, by helping you avoid the troublesome copy-paste part of the video to mp3 converter process. Simply drag this button to your bookmarks and then click it while viewing some video that you'd like to download or convert to mp3. You will see, it's quite useful. It opens new tab and in there loads 2mp3 with video URL supplied and video download options and mp3 converter waiting for your download selection.